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As easy as 1-2-3

Appointment booking made simple

Drag and drop

It’s that easy to move and extend appointments

Reduce no-shows

Automated email and text appointment reminders

Beautiful design

Available on tablet, mobile or desktop

No-nonsense up-selling

View staff recommendations as well as past purchases during checkout and streamline the process with our integrated credit card processing.*
*(US customers only)

Intuitive set up

Getting started is easy! Set aside a day or less – use our line videos and guides to help you train team members.

Powerful rebooking tools

Lock in the next appointment in two clicks at the chair or in the treatment room from your mobile device.

Rebook on iPad

Empower your team

Access schedules and monitor performance against goals – all on your smartphone.

Sieze the day

“For us, SalonBiz iPad is an opportunity for our Guest Service team to secure the guest’s next appointment and ensure we are reaching our salon’s retail and productivity goals.”

− Paul Ingham, Habitude

Know your clients

Prepare to perform

Client profiles

Quick access to client profiles so you can update contact details, birthdays, notes and preferences.

Notes and history

View client notes and history from the booking screen, tablet and phone.

Industry leading support

We know how busy you are, so creating self-guided training tools was one of our top priorities. You can learn at your own pace with our videos or ask one of our in-house experts for recommendations 7 days a week.

Peace of mind

Rest easy – your data is secure. We handle your back ups and update your system for you too so no need to worry. There are no additional charges, everything is included as part of your subscription.

Management made easy

Insight that drives results

A reality check

A full, comprehensive suite of management reports at your fingertips plus a way for you to build reports that suit your business needs. Genius!

“It’s a no-brainer. For six weeks, I was completely out of touch while filming a reality show. The minute I walked back into the salon, my GM gave me a stack of reports. Fifteen minutes later, I was totally caught up.”
Daniel Lewis, Green Peridot Salon

Accountability rules!

Monitor performance progress in real-time and reduce interruptions at the front desk.

“Performance Board has opened up a dialogue about benchmarks and goals with our staff. Now they can see their growth opportunities anytime and are more invested in their performance.”
Therese Snow, Casal’s dé Spa & Salon

whiteboard on tv

Streamline HR functions

Automate time consuming HR functions – maintain time off requests and staff handbook electronically while you improve communications company-wide.

“Central keeps everyone engaged and on the same page. We can clearly see our salon metrics and communicate in the moment our actual percent to the goal. This tool has helped us reach our goals eight out of 12 months because it focuses us to tune in to it daily, weekly and monthly.”
Lynn Stocking, Avalon Salons

Grow your business

Flexibility and productivity for the modern user

Freedom on the go 2

Freedom on the go

Instant access to your business anytime, anywhere, on any device – for managers and staff.

“SalonBiz Mobile has been a scream of a success for us! The staff absolutely loves it and uses it to drive their own productivity.”
Terri Vajda, Ihloff Salon & Spa

Convenience is priceless

Keep your doors open 24/7 with this intuitive way for clients to book appointments via your website and Facebook page. They can even share their experience socially with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Convenient gift card purchases with custom images and themes help boost your sales.

“Online booking is a huge tool for our business and provides great support for our front desk team. 90% of our online reservations are made outside of salon opening hours, providing a convenient way for our guests to book appointments whenever they are free to do so.”
Angela Walker, Frisor Salon & Wellness

Extend your reach

Deepen your engagement with your clients

Increase productivity

Targeted marketing campaigns that keep you connected to your clients.

Build brand awareness

Email marketing and reviews with our partner, Demandforce, continue to build your brand.

“We’ve seen a tremendous increase in appointments booked and the return of lost guests thanks to the Demandforce integration, plus we save hours each day no longer having to confirm appointments manually.”

− Scott Buchanan, Scott J SalonSpa